#TheDress by the numbers

So what did we learn from #TheDress?

  1. Innocuous things can lead to gigantic gains in Web traffic.
  2. Keeping an eye on conversations across the social Web and finding an inroad is now the dominant way to get your client’s content seen by broader audiences.
  3. Having an editorial assembly line capable of a quick turnaround is pivotal to that insertion of brand content.

via How Our AOA Team Found Success With #TheDress | McMURRY/TMG.

+Commentary: This is how one social media team responded to #TheDress trending. It is worth noting the global sensation caused by the South African Salvation Army who knocked it out of the park. How they were able to both piggyback the hashtag & give a meme a second wind by creating a really big stir calling attention to a complicated matter was no small feat. Taking something that is seemingly trivial and adding some gravitas is like threading a needle. This is, as with the insertion above by this team, a very tricky equation—one that could easily blow up in your face or that of your client’s. Yet to get the traffic, in this culture swimming in clickbait, Numbered Listicles, and other ennui inducing a constant barrage of information in the digital age is hard. It is far more difficult to find that “inroad” as a brand, and still stay true to your voice, your core values, and get relative traffic. This sort of attention-jacking that happens by non-profits or even established brands is a double edged sword. For while you get activity around it, there are also the silent majority that may take offense at these tactics. Ignore them at your peril. – DAK