Gallery of Doll Couture


by Cholo Ayuyao

Adele Makeda:

Adele Makeda: Bazaar Photoshopped Jewelry Cover

Imagine stumbling along Tumblr, minding your own business, and out of nowhere a picture comes into view that changes the way you look at life. That is what happened when the above picture crossed my dashboard. It had never dawned on me that doll enthusiasts and collectors could or would elevate their platform to heights that encompass couture. Just researching the above photo brought me to Flickr and an entire photostream of the most gorgeous dolls, photographed exquisitely and so lifelike as to defy reasoning.

This led me down a rabbit hole for hours that uncovered conventions, magazines, Facebook pages all dedicated to this subculture. Now it wasn’t beyond my reasoning that there were doll collectors and enthusiasts, but so blatantly unaware they had taken the distribution networks afforded by social media and blossomed into their own high end factory churning out quality stagings and dioramas on a daily basis. Such fascinating stuff available with just a few clicks.

This is just a small fraction of some of the amazing work available through cho:lo doll couture had to offer, in fact after rolling through some 25 pages of photos, and visiting all these other sites it was daunting to narrow that down to just a few.  You are encouraged to visit and discover your own favorites.

Work In Progress:

Work in Progress | cho:lo

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