Animated Albums

Nina Hage unbehagen animated album cover

Much like the animated movie posters that have appeared here before, I ask:  Why is this not the norm?  In today’s techonologically rich society it should completely be possible. We all enjoy our music now on devices that could feature this. I’d welcome it. This selection was culled from their archive spanning years from 2010-2013 and somehow I missed them. Below are some of my favorites.

all these album covers are carefully chosen and sillily animated by Mr. Dormouse, like Rock Cats
take a trip to Art In Movement by Echopunk

violent femmes animated album cover

everything but the girl EBGT animated album cover

via: Animated Albums.

Yet they still live on, and will be cherished going forward. Hopefully someone will spring up to do even more work. While this plumbed my archive of vinyl, there are still some others that I’d wish for.