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Vintage Tribune | @vintagetribune


In less than a year, the staff photography account has attracted a respectable 4,496 followers. But it is the vintage account—the brainchild of Robin Daughtridge, the paper’s director of photography—that has been the surprise hit, with nearly 25,000 followers.

Daughtridge and photo editor Marianne Mather post up to eight photos a day, little black-and-white flashbacks from the massive archives of the Tribune Tower.


“We were really surprised,” Mather said. “We weren’t sure what the response would be. The vintage photos resonate with people.”

For newspaper photo desks, the experience of the Tribune—and smaller publications around Illinois—represents both the appeal and the limitations of trying to tap into Instagram’s broad popularity. The workflow can be cumbersome; the photos that followers like don’t always have much news value, and there are few opportunities to generate revenue or even link back to a news organization’s website. But it’s hard to ignore the potential to engage, and expand, an audience.

H/T via Illinois photo editors seek to tap into Instagram’s popularity | Columbia Journalism Review.


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