30 Days of #Pride [Pt 3]

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  1. ART we LIKE | Pier Kids: The Life

  2. One AIDS Death Every 8 Minutes

  3. ‘How to Survive a Plague’

  4. 4 articles about Gay Holocaust Survivors

  5. This day in LBGTQ History

  6. Full Moon Over the Stonewall

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  8. The Sirens Starting Pride

  9. ARTweLIKE: REPOhistory

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Cue: Internal Screaming

Grace Jones to publish memoir


Explaining the book’s title, Jones said, “I wrote a song called ‘Art Groupie’. First line said ‘I’ll never write my memoirs’ — that was a long time ago. Since then, I thought, if I don’t do it, somebody else will.”   (skip to PRE-order button which isn’t in article)

Fact Mag Grace Jones Memoir Header


I’ll Never Write My Memoirs will be published on September 29.

Grace Jones I'll Never Write My Memoirs

Note: If you’re like me – don’t bother furiously searching for a “PRE-ORDER” now button, the article didn’t include one, even though September is like practically next week… YOU CAN PREORDER IT HERE 

Never has an Amazon Prime membership felt more valuable! Please let them ship it early.

via Grace Jones to publish memoir | FactMag.

(h/t: @ursonate)

Same-Sex Relationships as Old as Written History

Evidence of Recognized Same-Sex Relationships is over 4,500 Years Old

But the world is a varied place, and over the millennia of human existence, marriage has meant more than that.

In Kenya, it’s traditional in the Nandi tribe for women to marry women. In northeastern Brazil, some women would take on the roles of men and marry other women. Eskridge describes evidence that marriage between men was practiced during the Yuan and Ming dynasties in China, from the 13th to 17th centuries. Among Chukchi people, living in Siberian, male religious leaders would sometimes marry other men: “The marriage is performed with the usual rites, and I must say that it forms a quite solid union, which often lasts till the death of one of the parties,” one Russian writer reported. And in America, before Europeans settled here, people across the Plains and the Southwest would cross gender boundaries and marry people of their own sex.

via The First Evidence of Recognized Same-Sex Relationships is 4,500 Years Old | Atlas Obscura.

Shop Straight From Instagram?

Buy What You ‘Like?’

But for retailers, Instagram has proven difficult to monetize. The photo app doesn’t allow links on individual posts.

instagram-logoBilled as the “missing link” between traffic and revenue, the technology allows fans to click the one link Instagram permits (atop a brand’s profile page) then displays an elegant grid of all the items up for sale from the retailer’s feed. One more click takes a user to the store’s secure mobile site.

Like2Buy also functions as a curation tool for shoppers. By ‘liking’ a photo of a handbag, or lipstick, or anything, Instagrammers can create their own wishlist or save products to buy later.

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