5 Characters GRMM Wishes…

Note: Was so happy to read that George R.R. Martin & I miss the same characters in the series. I’ve redacted the reasons he gave, you can click on the link below to read them, but was in agreement throughout. The Tyrells being the only exception, don’t remember them much from the books, and couldn’t care less. Instead I was hoping Samwell would get to go to Old Town, and the scenes/characters there which intrigued me, but * Sigh * we soldier on…

Martin himself admits that the show could never have included the entirety of his massive cast list, which meant that important figures like “Nimble” Dick Crabb, Aenys Frey, and Dickon Manwoody failed to make the cut. Still, he says, among the missing there are five whose absences hurt most of all. (Spoilers within!)

  • Strong Belwas
  • Jeyne Poole
  • Garlan and Willas Tyrell
  • Lady Stoneheart

via 5 Characters GRMM Wishes GOT Would Have Included | Vulture.