Rachel Dolezal Mock Vanity Fair Cover #AskRachel

In case you have been living under a rock, or don’t follow social media you might have missed the story of the day of a woman, a professor of Africana Studies that has been apparently been “outed” as being Caucasian.  Waking up to such a story, honestly I thought it would generate lots of discussion, some thoughtful, others transphobic or transmysoginoir , but then it someone decided to make us laugh about it, and find a way to connect people through a multiple-choice question format.

The memes are rolling hard & steady, moving away from the original #RachelDolezal story, and now set to overwhelm that with a series of tweets to #AskRachel about her African-American credentials:

An Example:


As for the memes, here are just a few:

I’ll revisit this as there were tons of really funny ones, but work did have to get done at some point. I’m just really surprised that this has carried on all day! Fun way to start the weekend.