GoT: Jon Snow Must Die?

Moral: You Know Nothing!

All Things Kit Harington (Jon Snow)

This week some lamentable reporter sought to enrage Game of Thrones Fans the world over & troll for page clicks by saying that Jon Snow was the next character that needed to die. This isn’t just blasphemy, it would be bad all around, while D&D {David Beinhoff & David Wise ~ show creators for those not hip to the internet slang term, not to be confused with Dungeons & Dragons} could certainly do it, as they proved last week by roasting Shireen. Something that had jaws dropping from all ASOIAF readers everywhere.

However, before my the previous last laptop crashed there was going to be thousands of pictures curated from the past four years. Yet now they are trapped on the fried hard drive like Bran & that Tree, it has been reduced to scouring the internet for hours to find ‘replacements’  ~ you know, just in case D&D kill off the most popular character of the entire series. It would not surprise anyone if whole cities burned, people rampaged & pillaged, or started turning into white walkers if that happens. So this is my insurance against them doing that by honoring all the years that we’ve been able to drool over Kit Harington both as Jon Snow or not.


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Jon | Kit | Gifs