31days x 31photos: Lil’ Baby

Lil' Baby by DAKrólak

This is Able… aka Lil’ Baby who died this day in 2005. As he first cat adopted by me as an adult he was very special to me. The most precious little tuxedo cat was completely standoffish when it came to people, me included. There isn’t a day that goes by without missing him, and luckily there are still hundreds of pictures like the one above to rememeber . He passed of liver failure, and it really broke my heart as it had never been before. While just a slight little runt of a cat the feelings he inspired were immense. Fun Fact: Original name when rescued was going to be Weezy, and the other cat called George. After The Jeffersons. When we discovered that she was a he, we opted for  were Cayne & Able after NYC drag queens.  However the names they always went by were Big Daddy & Lil’ Baby from almost day 1.