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Freedom Summer ’15


Baltimore | Philadelphia | New York City | Atlanta

Ferguson | Chicago |  Los Angeles | Oakland

July — August — September  |  @FreedomSummer15
with Operation Help or Hush

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#FreedomSummer15 [Freedom Summer 2015] is a series of events in eight cities nationwide, taking place in major metropolises, created to celebrate black culture & community while also providing  moments of levity or bonding away from the day-to-day front lines of activist work. These free events and spaces can provide activists working for social justice and equality chances to connect within their neighborhoods and fellow foot soldiers. For some time now there is a  new call for action almost daily and new outrages every week, which can even make the average person fatigued.   Amidst the toil and struggle of protests, vigils, and trying to vigilantly raise awareness for issues  makes it is necessary to also recharge and connect with one another to sustain momentum, to reach newer heights together, and spurn each other onward. So that when the next call-to-action comes, and it always does, it will find us purposeful and resolute. Able to face future challenges more committed and with even greater success.

Covering 8 cities in 29 days, it provides an unprecedented opportunity in what is quickly becoming a history making year within the black community. As warriors fighting against marginalization in a constant state of duress we need time to recharge, reconnect, and to find solace in the community we fight so hard for. Here are ten opportunities to regroup together, pivot efforts, and find common cause or inspiration as the fight for justice, equity, and a better world for all continues.

As an added benefit any support, donation, or purchase of t-shirts to help fund these events will also help to provide free lunch programs in Baltimore & St. Louis throughout the summer for in-need communities there.

#STLLunch #BaltimoreLunch

So while you enjoy your holiday weekend, with everyone attending BBQs and cookouts in backyards all over America, think of #FreedomSummer15 as an extension of that, or a much needed block party the movement deserves. Sharing in and coming together communally with food at the heart of it. While also serving as the kicking off point for the work that still needs to be done. Let’s not have our only time of action be solely framed around another tragic black body. Let us be proactive and not just reactive in our community building and healing.

Recently Bree Newsome scaled a flag pole to do what so many other Americans wish they had the strength or courage to. She has been very careful since that moment to point out that her efforts were only possible with coordination of a team of activists. The power of which was key and overwhelmingly rewarded with how inspiring her action was to social media and the world at large. Carefully coordinated acts like these can have an impact beyond the merely symbolic. For so many it reaffirmed the cause, and brought it to many more who take heart in her actions.

I’m just one person, the people coordinating this effort are a small handful of determined individuals who believe in the self-organizing power the internet age allows, with collaboration, input, and participation from people all around the world. The Black Lives Matter movement needs support, its activists also need to be supported, while fighting these battles requires safe spaces and self-care for all. Playing an integral role to stave off burnout, fatigue, and the inevitable exhaustion.

Whether that takes shape in a simple retweet, following the twitter account, giving a donation, or sharing and liking. There is a part to play, as each of these things help spread the word, and without actions just like those we wouldn’t have the sustained movement tracing its way back to the Trayvon Martin trial, and beyond. It it time to turn those powers not just into amplifying images and stories of black pain, but into communal joy and a cathartic embrace of one another. That time is now.

#FreedomSummer15 Community. Culture. Celebration.

Freedom Summer BaltimoreJuly 10th-12th

Text: @FSBaltimore  to 23559 for updates
Email: FreedomSummerBaltimore [@] gmail.com

Freedom Summer Philadelphia | July 17th-19th

Text: @FSPhiladelphia to 23559 for updates
Email: FreedomSummerPhiladelphia  [@] gmail.com

Freedom Summer NYCJuly 24th-26th

Text: @FSNewYorkCity  to 23559 for updates
Email:FreedomSummerNYC [@] gmail.com


Freedom Summer Atlanta | July 31st-August 2nd

Text: @FSAtlanta  to 23559  for updates
Email: FreedomSummerAtlanta [@] gmail.com


Freedom Summer Ferguson | August 2nd-10th

Text: @FSFerguson  to 23559 for updates
Email:  FreedomSummerFerguson [@] gmail.com

Freedom Summer Chicago | August 14th-16th

Text @FSChicago to 23559 for updates
Email: FreedomSummerChicago [@] gmail.com

Freedom Summer Los Angeles | August 28th-30th

Text: @FSLosAngeles  to 23559  for updates
Email: FreedomSummerLA [@] gmail.com

Freedom Summer Oakland | September 11th-13th

Text: @FSOakland to 23559 for updates
Email: FreedomSummerOakland [a] gmail.com

Follow @FreedomSummer15 or check out #FreedomSummer15 for more info

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