Coral Island Marine Park

When it opened in 1987, the Coral Island Marine Park in the Bahamas drew throngs of tourists to its marine museum, underwater observatory, shark pools, snorkel trails, and secluded “villa hotel.” But when Hurricane Floyd swept through in 1999, it caused massive damage, and the marine park was closed. Today the park’s ruins still sit against the turquoise waters of the Bahamas, but they’ve mostly been forgotten—tour guides sometimes claim the observatory is an old lighthouse or research station.

via 6 Abandoned Aquariums | Mental Floss.

Note: Know this place well, my family used to vacation in Nassau, Bahamas (Paradise Island) around the time it opened. Seeing it as you drove back & forth on the little road heading to the airport always made me happy when we arrived, and sad when we left. Sorry they can’t rehabilitate it after the hurricane damage. *sigh*