Constellation: Evolution

CONSTELLATION: Lucky Cheng’s (@DL)

December 14th, 2014

The entertainment was epic.  Below is a gallery of this most recent performance, but I’m adding several other pages to include their evolution as a band – going all the way back to their very “first performance” at Alphabet Lounge & a performance in the basement of the original Lucky Cheng’s [see page 2 or page 3].

Commentary: With a new camera in hand, and an utter unfamiliarity with it, most of these photos were lit poorly and turned out awful. There are hundreds! My apologies for the simple few I’ve gathered together here to really capture the spirit of the performance and how refreshing it was to see them after years of missing out on their appearances. Work always got in the way. So the lighting wasn’t sufficient and no matter where I moved none of them really seemed to capture the vibrant and enthusiastic style they brought to their performance. While the crowd this cold December night was sparse, the performance wasn’t. Including a Sade cover which really blew me away, and several jump up out of your seat moments where they got the whole crowd hype!

One | Two | Three