Facebook/Twitter = Primary News Sources

via Facebook, Twitter Are Primary New Sources: Pew | Re/code.


3 thoughts on “Facebook/Twitter = Primary News Sources

  1. Hm, kinda good, kinda bad. Those platforms aren’t primarily dedicated to “news” and seek to use algorithms that adjust what their users see. I’ve known Facebook users who are completely unaware of something happening in the world because their FB wall didn’t rank any stories about it highly enough.

    • Exactly, and comparing the “trending” sections (which FB did just try to segment & improve) still they both have a long way to go ~ to be honest news sources

    • Have you seen Twitters new “ledes” that come with the Trending Topics? They are hilarious half the time, and other times they miss the mark, like this morning with the Earthquake news (bay area) and it is running with the old story about Seattle falling into the sea… *sigh* that is why it pays to have some curation to these things. I’m currently collecting funny #fails on them and will present soon

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