1099 Economy // Sharing Economies

Will Handy succeed in becoming the Uber of household chores? Or will it come to serve as a cautionary tale for startups in the white-hot 1099 economy? There’s no denying investors’ enthusiasm for companies that swoop into a sector and establish businesses with lean operations and armies of contractors to do the dirty work. But the imperatives to grow these businesses by leaps and bounds while keeping costs extraordinarily low are pushing companies like Handy to the brink. Even potential half-billion-dollar valuations can’t hide the strain.

via Handy, a hot startup for home cleaning, has a big mess of its own | Slate.

Commentary: Like the way the author approaches this, and takes a peak behind what we are to expect is the next big thing or the inevitable disruption that we need, while leaving the regulatory concerns aside. They are often portrayed, whether it be Air-BNB or Uber as being egalitarian or good for us, when they deserve a little more scrutiny than we are used to seeing. The recent Uber-vs-DeBlassio kerfuffle highlights this. Suggest you read the whole article, for one I get the Handy emails all the time, their graphic department work overtime to target it, and their message is always one that seems a bit too-good-to-be-true to me.

Will really monitor their situation over the coming months/years as the sharing economies seem to herald a new world order. Just not sure the workers are going to come out on top in these scenarios.