ART we LIKE: More ByDvnlln

…Entirely self-taught, Allen eschewed the notion of studying under one type or style, and instead turned to YouTube, books, and trial and error to create his own crash-course in the subject. “I didn’t want to recreate what was already done. The more passionate I became about it, the more I would read. I love it so much, I can’t learn enough.”

The lines that struck me from the video:

  • …I’m creating art to tell your story…
  • If it wasn’t for photography I wouldn’t be here.
  • Definitely in these hard times, definitely if you are a black artist, it’s time for you to use your art to explain your story.
  • No Barricades. No Bars.

Read more at: DEVIN ALLEN by SCOUT.

Credits: Director/Editor: Drury Bynum; Producer: Gregg von Bushberger; Edit: Courtney D’Angelo; Sound Mix: Row A Media; Portraits: John Davis; Story: Megan Isennock;Titles: Wesley Stuckey; PA: Katie Boyts