10 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Instagram?

via 10 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Instagram | TopDog Social Media.

10 Reasons they’re Wrong:

  1. Instagram Is Officially Bigger Than Twitter: On Twitter people click links. You can measure engagement in 4 different ways. They have a more mature platform. But tell me again why Bigger is Better?
  2. Engagement 22X More than Twitter: What Engagement? You can do two things: Comment & Like. You cannot link to a sales page. The two provided examples compare apples to oranges. All you can feasibly do is put one link in your bio. So you can generate more traffic and nothing else. Plus who is going to answer all the questions on where to buy your stuff in the comments? How does this impact your time? Are we comparing only campaigns where big companies spent advertising dollars with them or guerrilla street team ones? There is no sense to this line at all.
  3. Engagement Is 15X More Than Facebook: So What? On Facebook – their parent company you can actually interact in a threaded way & deal with inquiries. You can measure engagement beyond vanity metrics (likes), and what about “virality” how does someone share you post & get a bigger reach on Instagram? They don’t. They can use a repost app, or share it on one of the other social what____Arab News says 15times moresites but again… not sure that this person was serious about anything but using Clickbait & their “source” even more specious with no citation for this info on the page ———————————>
  4. Seeing Increased Sales: What Businesses? Are they all alike? Nope, and it has to be strategic. Using one example does not good strategy make. Worse you highlighted a increased  MORE PRINT CATALOG SUBSCRIBERS?!?! How is that increased sales. It isn’t, that was a #MassiveFail*headpalm*
  5. Adoption Is Rapidly Increasing: Quicker adoption? So it is growing rapidly? Like presumably you would like your business to do, right? Yet there is no connection here, just an empty statistic taken out of context. Again if you have a visually compelling brand, with loads of visuals then Pinterest seems a better place to launch your campaign, with a fully matured backend that will let you see the impact & measure your “rapidly increasing” whatever and let you quantify your engagement.
  6. Locally Based Businesses Have Huge Opportunities: The opportunities listed are myth. The two apps a joke. You can growth-hack your way while admitting that Twitter has a better ad targeting. What he left out was that was a big red flag (as he brushed Facebook aside) is that you can CHECK-IN to a Facebook page, you can also leave A REVIEW. Two very important things if you are actually geo-targeting your clientele on social media. Foursquare being the originator (and they also do pics) but who am I? No this is bullshit, geo-tagging photos of businesses I support in IG is a joke, most of the times the biz isn’t even in there. So again. Don’t believe the shiny new thing hype.
  7. Every User Is a Content Creator: And he non-ironically blames this phenomenon on Instagram.  Which is absurd, a horrifying joke. The highlighted link for this bullet point was very nice, full of great ideas, but also done by companies that can literally outspend you for anything. They are showcases of very high profile people who spent a lot of money. Will follow up on what raging failures each of the were as well. To do so hear & now would take a lot more space.
  8. It’s Not Just For Young People Anymore: This is the one they trump out for every listicle for business owners. It isn’t just the kids…y’know. This is a myth, all social media platforms (aside from MySpace) has been driven by early-adopters who weren’t kids. Yet the most widely targeted demographic is the 18-34 so you go to whatever platform is going to suit your target audience.
  9. Your Competitors Are Slow To Adopt It (And So Are You): Again is your business an “early adopter” or not? That is the question. All businesses should at least stake out their name on these platforms, but as to using them or utilizing them requires a strategy specific to that niche. Facebook has allowed Instagram to languish and really hasn’t done much except for deep-pocket advertisers who will sponsor content. Even then there hasn’t been one independent study that shows any of those are working. Let them mature it and then we can talk.
  10. Users Are 6X More Active Than Facebook: What users? More Active? Doing What? Liking & commenting, posting duck-faced selfies, please enlighten me what they are doing. “(Likes, Comments, Shares)” according to their source quoted in The Times of India. Okay, nope. We want real interactions where people go to your website, they contact you, sign up for something, or buy something. Likes/Comments/Shares do not do this directly. Again people who hawk the rather unprincipled “Social Selling” crap should not be trusted for anything. Also a quick click on the source link said that Instagram users are less likely to post & honestly the whole reference article is so slim as to read like a PR brief off the newswire. It made no sense whatsoever. In fact finding the source (Quintly) and a newer survey / infographic proved the exact opposite of what they are saying:
    Did You Know FB



You could just do what I did before I looked for or clicked any of the links. Look for their Instagram usage. Don’t bother, it isn’t there. The people making this claim do not even have an Instagram account for themselves. The main person just joined IG, and has a bunch of pretty graphics touting her LinkedIn skills. So there you have it, most people don’t assess the source, but many, if not all of the tech media covering these things, are actually reporting. This outfit is just getting started so their “Head Social Media Strategist” Angel Dodaro is probably clipping together whatever bits & pieces fit their strategy. However I’d argue that they are in for a big surprise.

This is their new shiny thing, and they googled & found specious sources to quote creating the above list in hopes that you would read them, take the word salads and then go to your boss & say: “WE SHOULD BE ON INSTAGRAM” ~ do me a favor, consult someone with more sense.