1,000+ blog post ideas

Even with the onset of ‘content saturation‘ (aka Content Fatigue) there really is a lot to blog about, here are some:


  1. Blog about self-improvement – a positive start
  2. Self-hypnosis, meditation and relaxation – after all the world is a busy, noisy place
  3. Learning a new language
  4. Personal development i.e. the passions you pursue
  5. Your hobbies
  6. Pets (but not cooking them)
  7. Photography tastes – avoid pornography
  8. Your personal adventures
  9. Publish your curriculum vitae
  10. Write a full and informative blog all about you
  11. Handwrite a post, scan it, publish it – be different, be legible
  12. Write a poem
  13. Draw a picture
  14. Record a video
  15. Tell people of your guilty pleasures – within reason
  16. DIY projects, no matter how tedious make them interesting
  17. Personal plights and fights; an open and honest letter to yourself for all to read
  18. Childhood memories, not too dark/morbid unless it fits your blog topic
  19. The inspiration behind what you do
  20. Your first rejection
  21. Your first big win
  22. What you spend money on
  23. Your ideas, patented or otherwise, that failed to launch


  1. Career vs job vs life – what have your learnt
  2. Health and fitness ideas/routines for busy people
  3. Travel musings – on a budget or splashing out
  4. How to improve your social and communication skills
  5. Your favourite recipes – how you feel eating them, any health/work/life benefits
  6. Practise of self-defence and martial arts – or just carry a can of pepper spray
  7. Meat or veg
  8. Extreme sports
  9. Not extreme sports, it’s perfectly fine to like chess – your move
  10. Any charitable exploits? Talk about your philanthropy
  11. Write about life hacks – take the edge off the daily grind


  1. Do a general rant post – because sometimes it’s okay to vent
  2. Review a book in your niche
  3. Writing about writing styles
  4. Review a film that inspires you
  5. Review a product that makes your life/work better
  6. Share your goals and dreams, publicly
  7. Write a post in response to some recent post/news
  8. Become a myth buster – find false information and correct it
  9. Pose a rhetorical question
  10. Tell people of your last/latest event/conference experience
  11. Find an interesting quote on Twitter, give your response
  12. Review a website you like
  13. Review a website you really don’t like
  14. Review your favourite online audio blogs and podcasts
  15. Review the very last product your bought
  16. Pros and cons post about anything that interests you
  17. Review a recent webinar you attended
  18. A book you wish you’d written
  19. Books you want to write, when blogging isn’t getting in the way
  20. The future of X is Y
  21. Rip apart an industry pro’s thing (constructively)


  1. Turn an email conversation in to a blog post – with the other person’s consent of course
  2. Create an A-Z of your industry in a big post
  3. Write a real-life account of something good – true stories that inspire people
  4. Common misconceptions about a specific issue
  5. How to fix something your customer needs fixing
  6. Do a promotional post about your product/service/thing
  7. Product/service tips post to get the best/most out of your thing
  8. Comparison post, promoting your thing vs another thing – let’s hope you have a thing!
  9. Start a poll – ask meaningful questions
  10. Record a call with a customer on their pain point – produce notes and takeaways


  1. Run a blog contest – promoted it well, make the prize worth of someone’s time
  2. Start a debate! Remember to listen
  3. Present an existing debate’s pro/cons as objectively as you can
  4. Run an interactive survey
  5. Build a list of your readers – tell them about it
  6. Interview someone about their great story/career/work/life/alien encounter
  7. Share an interesting infographic – with annotation
  8. Create and share an infographic of your own design
  9. Consider a motivational group writing exercise to distil wisdom
  10. Write an inspirational/motivational post with famous quotes
  11. Share recent life experiences with your reader that is relevant to them too
  12. Host an exclusive giveaway for your community of readers
  13. Turn your blog comments into “do-follow” links – announce it and get more comments, with spam included (one to test)
  14. Compile and publish the best comments from your blog’s history or the current year
  15. Ask readers to share their favourite posts, compile a post
  16. Answer every single comment personally – craft a post around the responses
  17. Post about your experiences with blogging, the good, the bad and the ugly
  18. Ask for feedback on your blog, in a blog, citing the good stuff and updating/refreshing the not so good stuff
  19. Ask for further feedback on the revised articles – improving old and existing blogs further
  20. Invite industry experts to comment on your blog – turn that interaction in to a content piece of its own


  1. Post an obvious lie – but don’t go overboard
  2. Write about a conspiracy theory – agree with it, or dispel it with your own
  3. Show the log file of how an intense conversation unfolded and the conclusion
  4. Write a short story
  5. Write a longer story – who said blogs had to be under a certain number of words?
  6. Tell the world about your cooking and the reason for your divorce
  7. Write a satirical piece
  8. Extremely exaggerate about something – blow it out of all proportions for maximum impact
  9. Make a post of humorous GIFs
  10. Meme post – everyone loves/hates a meme!
  11. Share your favourite photos in a post
  12. Lampoon a stuffy or serious subject – use the word lampoon more often
  13. Add a twist of fun and your own commentary on pop culture
  14. Blog about your bad habits and their consequences – bodily fluids need not apply
  15. Draw up a bucket list
  16. The ‘somebody had to say it’ blog post – an earnest account
  17. Compile a list of your favourite jokes
  18. Compile a list of awful jokes
  19. How to learn X in Y days – put your mind to something and you can do it
  20. Building Noah’s Ark whilst nobody is watching – not sure why
  21. Cycling naked in a Scandinavian country
  22. Commuting – love it or hate it, most of us do it; discuss
  23. A list of killer blog topic ideas
  24. A deleted chapter from your blog that should never be published, but you just published it
  25. More outtakes and gaffs – a warts n’ all approach to blogging
  26. You tried something new. It failed, miserably. Tell people!
  27. Compile a list of fellow authors/bloggers portraits and rate them – like Tinder for writers, but hopefully less pervy. Seriously, don’t weird people out too much
  28. Write a love letter to someone famous
  29. Write an open letter to a celebrity about something weird
  30. Write about your time incarcerated after writing the above open letter
  31. Write a parody
  32. Create a hoax post even though it’s not April fools day. Ask for forgiveness later
  33. Dating tips for strangers
  34. Improving your sex life with technology
  35. A candid commentary on becoming a better person
  36. If you were a superhero, who would you be and what super power would you wield
  37. What aliens would think of X if they landed here


  1. How you use X social platform daily/weekly/on occasion/never
  2. The results of promoting your work/blog on social media – what you did right, what you might change next time
  3. The community/platform you love and why
  4. The best bits of social media
  5. The worst bits of social media
  6. The anti-social bits of social media
  7. Twitter moves too fast, nobody hears me – or a similar sentiment
  8. How to use social to drive traffic to your website – a hot topic, always
  9. Handling your critics
  10. Crowdsource your next topic and write your article accordingly
  11. Quote post, but not just famous people – quote people that [should] matter to you and your readers
  12. Pick of the week from social media
  13. People to follow on Twitter – embed their tweets in your content
  14. Influencers to follow on LinkedIn
  15. The best LinkedIn groups for your niche
  16. The best Google groups for your industry/niche
  17. Compile a list of interesting people in a Twitter list – write about it, share the list
  18. Facebook pages worth liking and sharing
  19. How to make social media work for your industry
  20. Write about a trending Twitter hashtag and/or topic with quotes and comments from real Tweeters


  1. Working in uncommon fields of expertise
  2. Working location independence
  3. Build your to-do list for all to see
  4. Describe what would happen if you worked for a company you aspire to work for
  5. Write down all the thoughts you had in mind today
  6. Write about a big work regret
  7. Most important life lessons that impacted work
  8. Your work/success secrets
  9. Interview partners and team members
  10. Remote versus office based working findings
  11. How to get a job at your place – if your place is worth working for
  12. What your look for when hiring people
  13. Who you’ve fired and why you fired them
  14. Land your dream job in your industry


  1. Make a full case study about something you did at work
  2. Share your favourite industry blogs/bloggers in one post
  3. Share your favourite industry experts/leads in a post
  4. Invite your readers to submit guest posts
  5. Write about a big win or big failure
  6. The marketing that worked for you
  7. The marketing that burnt your money
  8. The marketing that you hate
  9. Help your readers succeed in something you know a lot about
  10. Tell your readers about the potential pitfalls and mistakes
  11. Tell your boss/staff what you really think (in a positive way)
  12. Mobile apps to improve workflow
  13. Offline business outside of blogging
  14. How to maintain a healthy office environment
  15. Publish an eBook about your business niche
  16. Presenting advice – avoiding PowerPoint where possible


  1. Offer advice to your industry to gain contacts
  2. Research and analyse a topic – ensure a high level of accuracy
  3. Do a round-up of great content from around the web
  4. Conduct a round-up of your best/most popular content
  5. Highlight a key player in your field, dissect their success
  6. Write about a hotly contested topic, add a contrarian twist
  7. Write an online course about what you do
  8. Publish an eBook using your best bits and highlights
  9. Curate someone else’s work with your own commentary
  10. Compile a list of common mistakes in your industry
  11. Compile a list of not-so-common but equally as important problems in your niche
  12. Write about the future and what to expect
  13. Write about the past and what should be learnt
  14. Write an episodic series of posts – entice your readers to come back for more
  15. End your last post on a cliff-hanger – keep your readers in suspense
  16. Run a Q&A on your favourite social platform, publish the results
  17. Curate a list of people in your niche worth following, their blogs and social accounts
  18. Create a video of yourself discussing hot topics
  19. Create a video of yourself summarising your own content
  20. Chair a group discussion on Skype, Google Hangouts or similar
  21. Write an inspirational post to display your humanity


  1. Write about #GrowthHacking – it’s bang on trend
  2. Educational posts for fellow entrepreneurs and business folk
  3. Educational posts for budding entrepreneurs
  4. Say yes to everything – write about the results
  5. Say no to way more stuff – you’ll have a lot of time to write about it!
  6. The art of doing and getting what you want (or at least trying to)
  7. Find historical/archive information and revive it with a modern twist
  8. Behind the scenes post – what goes on behind the closed door when you’re creating your content, or similar
  9. Tell people about public figures that have something to say
  10. Write about the plight of the celebrity and their relevance to your industry
  11. Public speaking tips


  1. Publish a list of statistics and cite their sources – reach out to sources to promote your article
  2. Talk about bizarre/unknown facts – add interest and intrigue
  3. Share your blogs traffic numbers and the story behind them
  4. Reveal your blogs earnings – if you monetise it through affiliate marketing, ads and the like
  5. Reference an important historical date – ‘on this day in history’
  6. Visualise data in charts
  7. Economic commentary and effects on your industry
  8. Running a business discussing growth and the numbers
  9. Piggyback on a current trend – go all nerdy on the data/analytical/statistical edge
  10. Write about a dominant element in your niche that surrounds numbers or data
  11. Do a test post – proving and disproving theories and ideas
  12. Turn all your data into an interesting infographic


  1. Dissect the gadgets you don’t like in negative detail
  2. Tell people about the gadgets you love and why they should love them too
  3. Old tech you miss and why
  4. New tech you love and why/how it enriches life
  5. Muse over new tech that is a waste of carbon
  6. Blog about the best app in your niche
  7. Write about how life would be worse/better with a robot wife/husband
  8. Review and/or compare software that you use on a daily basis
  9. Record and publish a video version of your blog post – exhibiting the gadget in all it’s glory
  10. Craft a list of useful online tools that your readers will find useful
  11. Blog and web design for non-designers – good for SME/SMB audiences
  12. The free plugins and scripts you use to get ahead
  13. The paid plugins and scripts you use to get an edge
  14. The developer/designer/agency you use to take the strain
  15. A case study about the above experience – free/paid/outsourced/etc
  16. A frank discussion and findings about working with X – X being a person, a product or a company
  17. Write about internet transparency and the right to be forgotten, or the fact you have nothing to hide and don’t really care


  1. An in-depth research post with a whitepaper/report to download and takeaway
  2. Create a list of something with value that is truly meaningful and useful
  3. Find your favourite single blog post, go one step better, bigger and in more detail
  4. Similar to the above, do a genuine ‘ultimate’ post on something – but make sure it really is the ultimate post out there
  5. A general news post for your industry
  6. Definition post about a specific thing
  7. Collate a list of useful tools
  8. Write a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list – collect additional information from your comments and add them to your blog post
  9. Write a should ask questions (SAQ) article – for all those questions people don’t think about but really should
  10. Compile a list of useful guides and eBooks that you didn’t write
  11. Share discount codes for products and services you use
  12. Share your processes and procedures – help people work smarter
  13. Create a glossary for your industry buzz and jargon
  14. How to write better – because people worry too much about writing
  15. How not to write better and just go with it – because people shouldn’t care
  16. How-to guides and teaching on your favourite subject
  17. Blog your progress through your favourite non-fiction book – share the advice and tips received
  18. How to save money on X by doing Y
  19. A mash-up, from the above, of lots of helpful ‘stuff’ for your readers – the helpful yet somewhat schizophrenic post
  20. Your top blogs of reference and reading for a particular subject matter
  21. Segment an infographic and discuss each portion in more detail – because people rarely do this
  22. A list of steps to take before you can achieve something
  23. Link to another blog and share your thoughts/rebuttal
  24. Recap posts – your own and others from around the web
  25. Write a cheatsheet
  26. Write a list that will genuinely help your readers save time doing whatever it is your readers [typically] do
  27. Project breakdown, experience, process and outcomes
  28. Create a crashcourse – get people to sign-up for ongoing updates
  29. Share your favourite online graphic/images resources
  30. Share your favourite online audio blogs and podcasts
  31. Do a screencast for your readers – keep your clothes on
  32. Borrow someone else’s brain – write a joint collaborative piece
  33. Recycle old content, re-mix it, mash-it, update-it and re-hash it

… and pause for breath.

If you re-purposed all the ideas in to written, image, audio and video formats, the above list amounts to some 1,000+ blog post ideas. That should keep you busy for a few years!

Source: 266 Killer Blog Post Ideas – No More Writer’s Block | Midas Media