Google Local Shakeup:  7-Pack Becomes 3-Pack

New 3-Pack Results in Google Maps

We have some more big changes happening in the local space for Google local business listings.  Over the course of the day Thursday, Google began switching over the usual 7-pack local listings to all 3-pack, AKA Snack Pack local results.  This means that instead of showing 7 businesses in the pack and in the map, […]

via Google Local Shakeup: 3-Pack Only, 7-Pack Removed; Addresses & Phone Numbers Gone | The SEMpost

Commentary: This was the best of the articles that highlights all the changes. They are ostensibly geared towards internet professionals and really highlights all of the changes in some detail. However, what is lacking was a great deal of information about what that actually means to your business, not theirs . Obvious to someone who runs a local site, and not as much to those that “consult” without an actual bricks & mortar, or not to someone who is advising about SEO tech on how to get better ranked. The thought leaders aren’t exactly leading here, perhaps this content is just designed to be a lead generator?
This is all our goal, yet, with these announcements it was clear to me what Google’s aim was and that while reducing the number, it was providing a greater value. I’ll not list those reasons here, if you have a small business – you can hire me to tell you all the ways this will greatly improve analytics towards your local page. This is yet unproven and will take some time to acquaint yourself with and a strategy to be certain. Benchmarking past performance against the way your listings will now be handled is crucial. So let’s see if this mobile-centric philosophy pays off, in urban areas where the density of businesses is rather high this will be a unique challenge.

So they are focused on these changes, and are right to do so, are listed below:
  1. 7-Packs Now 3-Packs
  2. Exact Addresses Removed
  3. Phone Numbers Removed
  4. Google+ Links Removed
  5. Store Hours Added
  6. Reviews No Longer Labelled “Google Reviews”
  7. No Flyouts