Piracy: Book Cover Draft

I’d have bought this:

I then came up with a new idea to do a meta-book type of design, where I laid a piracy reference over a faux old book. The chain didn’t work because it reinforced the nautical sense of the word piracy and the CD was wrong because it’s already anachronistic and too specifically tied to music piracy. But this idea of superimposing something on top of a faux old book ended up being important.

via Piracy | Faceout Books

piracy2_small+Commentary: This is what they went with, and it is nice. Very posh and more universal, but the above book design, perhaps if tweaked a bit more (particularly the type below the CD) would have been ideal to me. It really jumps out, and even though it seems tied directly to media theft of music, many books, and files of all sorts are traded that way, including videos. Now, on social media they just grab and snatch it like thieves in the night, either freebooting your videos (or old viral ones) onto other sites, and trade in the attention they get. The above book got my attention and would be faced out.

Not sure when the book was published, but I’ve seen others that imitate the above design.

Author: Adrian Johns
Designer: Isaac Tobin
Art Director: Jill Shimabukuro
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press