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How Chicago newsrooms decided how to handle the Laquan McDonald video

Though the footage was less graphic than she anticipated, the station chose to air the video only up to the first shot.

“We just wanted to be sensitive,” Arvesu said. “You really didn’t need to see the shots when he was down on the ground to see the gravity of it.”

The station did publish the entire video online, however. “The internet has a different set of standards,” Arvesu said. “You go deliberately and click on something. You signed up for it. Sometimes on TV you don’t get to make that decision consciously.”

via How Chicago newsrooms decided how to handle the Laquan McDonald video | Columbia Journalism Review


A poem from your Ex Girlfriend to the new love of your life

Photography by R J Poole


If you tell her I was an old friend, she will only hear
half of what you say. She will recall how you looked at places
with a tinge of regret and a shade of nostalgia. She will remember
how you skipped a certain song ― a reminder of something you’ll find an excuse
not to tell her every time the car radio is on.

Read the whole poem by A. A. Dizon at the link below:

via A Poem from your exgirlfriend... | Artparasites