Oscars vs #OscarsSoWhite

Oscars So White Backlash

New research shows that you only need handful of influencers to give the impression that everyone is talking about your brand. How does this apply to microbrands and movements like #OscarsSoWhite or #BlackLivesMatter? We investigate the power of the network to change dominant narratives and how you can use this in your marketing efforts. [Read More…]

Gil Scott-Heron: Jose Campos Torres

“Jose Campos Torres”

I had said I wasn’t going to write no more poems like this
I had confessed to myself all along, tracer of life, poetry trends
That awareness, consciousness, poems that screamed of pain and the origins of pain and death had blanketed my tablets
And therefore, my friends, brothers, sisters, in-laws, outlaws, and besides — they already knew
But brother Torres, common ancient bloodline brother Torres is dead

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The filmmaker tearing up the gay scene’s body image bullshit:

NoFatsNoFemmes documentary: Confidence is not a destination, it is an ongoing journey

“The goal is revolution. The goal is not for a fat, femme or trans feminine person to be fucking desired – because we are desired. What I want is for people to turn inward and interrogate the source of their own desires. I want to deconstruct, decolonise and to dismantle beauty as a system of domination, so that one person is not to be held up as a standard of beauty when there is a multitude of possibilities.”

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Less Time at Awards Shows More Time Writing, k?

George RR Martin is now competing with Game of Thrones.

George R.R. Martin at Brit Awards withTypewriter Gif

In an interview with IGN, GRRM indicated that he was still hard at work on The Winds of Winter, which won’t be coming out any time soon, and that he was very pleased with a new twist he had come up with: “It involves a couple of characters, one of whom is dead on the show but not dead in the books. The show can’t do this stuff, because they killed a character that I have not killed.” Continue reading

Harper Lee’s Career by the Numbers 

Advance for “To Kill a Mockingbird,” sold to publisher J.B. Lippincott in 1959:  $1,000 plus 15% royalties

Advance for the “Mockingbird” film rights, sold in 1961 to Universal Pictures:  $75,000 plus 12.5% of the profits

The film’s production cost:  $2.2 million

Sales of “To Kill a Mockingbird” to date:  more than 40 million

Advance for “Go Set a Watchman,” an early iteration of “To Kill a Mockingbird” published last year by HarperCollins: unknown

Print sales of “Go Set a Watchman” since it went on sale last July, according to Nielsen BookScan:  1.6 million

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States of Mind: Tracing the edges of consciousness

Following on from ‘Ann Veronica Janssens: yellowbluepink’, this changing exhibition will examine perspectives from artists, psychologists, philosophers and neuroscientists to interrogate our understanding of the conscious experience. Exploring phenomena such as somnambulism, synaesthesia, and disorders of memory and consciousness, the exhibition will examine ideas around the nature of consciousness, and in particular what can happen when our typical conscious experience is interrupted, damaged or undermined.

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