Why We Can’t Rule Out … revisited

Interesting analysis: My only qualm is to think in this day and age that anything would take 4 years to solidify…that is truly living in a 1688/1789 paradigm and not reflective of the swift nature of the beast these days.

+Commentary: Being confronted with something you wrote five years ago, imagining that the Egyptian Revolution, a.k.a. #ArabSpring would be resolved at a high-tech pace in 4 years, now seems politically & historically naïve in ways that aren’t usually standard for me, or I like to think are not. 🙂

So revisiting this piece, not sure that my thoughts have changed drastically, but sharing it so cavalier & without more elaboration frames it as either/or and possibly multiple choice, using some very sound milestone revolutionary movements or moments. In hindsight, Mubarak fell, Morsi was overthrown in a military coup, and now they have Sisi (President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi) in 2013. Just last January The Atlantic was asking: “Is Egypt on the Verge of Another Uprising?” and in many ways this dovetails (to my mind) with the 1688 classification, but we’ll see. The superpowers, or the UN, or the instability of the region with war still raging years later in Syria, keep all eyes there.

Wonder if in 5 more years, I’ll look back & wonder why they still have a military regime?  We’ll see.