Dance: The Universal Language

First, if you have not already, please watch the hour-long program titled “Celebrating African-American Women & Dance” held at the White House by FLOTUS Mrs. Obama yesterday. Below are screenshots that I gathered of the event while watching it a few times. Sorry there aren’t more, but capturing dance & screengrabbing it from a 740p stream is not ideal. The Ballet & Hip-Hop were too hard to capture anything crisp or clear, while also being well composed.


Traditional _ African

(Click any picture below to see close-up or easily scroll through )

This is art in its best, in the moment, everyone is present, there is no room to go out or think about anything else.


That we are celebration… Dance is truly the international language of the world.


We are dancing to that beat. That One. The One, The One that comes from the mother continent Africa.


It is the universal language & we speak it everywhere.

—Debbie Allen
#DanceAtTheWhiteHouse gifs via WeAreWakanda

Modern: “Cry” by Alvin Ailey

(Click any picture below to see close-up or easily scroll through )

Debbie, Debbbbie…that leg was STILL UP THERE! —Judith Jamison (on Debbie Allen)

Ballet: New Bach

new bach (comp) #DanceAtTheWhiteHouse

#DanceAtTheWhiteHouse gifs via WeAreWakanda

Modern _ Hip-Hop: Brand New Day/The Wiz

Can You Feel A Brand New Day danceatthewhitehouse (1)

Closing Remarks by Mrs. Obama:


Learning from Dancing Legends, in front of the media, in the white house…There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING YOU ALL CANNOT DO, Know that.


I mean c’mon ladies, KNOW THAT! this had to be one of the hardest things you were asked to do & you threw it down. Every last one of you…I could be crying right now, but I have to wrap it up.


I know this day will impact your lives forever.


—FLOTUS, Mrs. Michelle Obama


All gifs via #WeAreWakanda

2 thoughts on “Dance: The Universal Language

  1. Thank you for creating space to celebrate this event! My daughter participated in this historic experience, and I was present to bear witness to the generations of excellence that were celebrated at The White House that day. We will never forget this!

    • I’m still ultra jealous, but will suffice living vicariously. Especially since now my scorn (and secret adulation) for that kid in the photo got PBO touching his face & on the front page… hmpppfff, to be a kid these days…you think they know? That it wasn’t always like this? LOL

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