The filmmaker tearing up the gay scene’s body image bullshit:

NoFatsNoFemmes documentary: Confidence is not a destination, it is an ongoing journey

“The goal is revolution. The goal is not for a fat, femme or trans feminine person to be fucking desired – because we are desired. What I want is for people to turn inward and interrogate the source of their own desires. I want to deconstruct, decolonise and to dismantle beauty as a system of domination, so that one person is not to be held up as a standard of beauty when there is a multitude of possibilities.”

New York-based queer film maker, Jamal T Lewis, 25, is pulling no punches with their forthcoming film, No Fats No Femmes. Lewis recently crowdfunded the production costs and the film is now set for release in 2017. The title of the film will be familiar to many LGBT people, especially gay men, who have used online dating or hookup apps. [Read the full interview at the link below]

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They have had enough of your bullshit cishetero-patriarchal-capitalist-hegemony & I am here for all of it…*waves church fan* And so have I. The past five years have been a tortuous journey into my “most vulnerable unexplored self…”

Remember: Until we are all free, none of us are.