Inside: High-Rise

Graphic artists Michael Eaton and Felicity Hickson designed a wide range of props, from books and cigarette packs to the entire contents of a supermarket. Here, they reveal how they worked with production designer Mark Tildesley to help cement the look and feel of 1970s apartment living – with a dystopian edge.

Inside High Rise Graphic Design


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+Commentary:  You should know by now that I watch movies with a particular attention to the Art Department and the set / prop designers. Have known several in my life & career, with rousing conversations about movies old & new, TV show current & past, all with the same fascination in those things that (to my mind) are so important in setting the scene.

This entire conversation with the designers is incredible, and right up there with the good people at The Art of Title who fascinate me with endless tales (and the design choices) that go into creating the atmosphere of a film.  As a cinephile, there is no shame in my game to fascinate in all the things that go into creating these worlds, be they dystopian or even the fantastical.

High Rise is not only a great book, but I’m hoping (even just on the strength of this interview) a really great film. Tell me what your impressions of the design are in the comments or your favorite movies for Art Department achievements. Mine are too long to list, but I hope in coming years to feature some more, than the few I’ve already shared.