GoT: Redband Trailer Secrets & Clues

apologies for what you are about to see:
I’ve never been much of a fighter


Screenshots from the newly released Red Band Trailer for Game of Thrones Season 6

I choose Violence.


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Further Commentary:

Woven through this, as the quotes below illustrate are some great clues for the hardcore fans, both of the book & the series. Visually stunning and deftly edited to provide a calm, serene first minute, then pack super quick cuts of intense action to promise the season will not disappoint. Deep blues and darks contrasted against golds and lights, their very typical color palette they’ve been working with for a few years. A bit narrow, but totally works to contrast the elements all the elements to expect.

Eyes, swords, no dark wings, but definitely dark words. Lies of battles lost, revenge or vengeance, confrontations and that one resolution. Jon Snow Must Die? Must be dead, surely this shows his dead body, and what looks utterly prosthetic or totally CGI in the very last shot. No way he is coming back not after that, even though there are clues that he might. It literally ends with Davos Seaworth drawing Jon’s sword ‘Longclaw’ which we all know made a quick appearance and was spotted in the last trailer by an eagle-eyed fan.

Readers of the book are keenly aware that Daenerys’ storyline is new, anything to do with Jon Snow, Sansa (who you’ll forgive me for not capturing for above) as well the Dorne, Bran looking like he is 45, err I mean fully grown 25 yo now, and all these things reach beyond what the published books will allow. Some will be in the books, others will not. This makes this an anxious season, for the show runners have a really tough hurdle to cross, have seen many disgruntled fans of A Song of Ice * Fire who have sworn off watching until George RR Martin finally publishes, but I’m going to watch because that may never happen. I read all of them in and around the first series being shown. Having friends who work on the show, wanted to see what it was all about. Got hooked, read them all in record speed, remember key parts, and forgot much more.

Will read again when the next one comes out. it had some great quotes in it though, and they chose some new ones for us to GoT: Redband Trailer Secrets & Clues

Quotes from the trailer:

  • He’s Gone.
  • We’re the only ones who matter. Everything they’ve taken from us, we’ll get back and more.
  • The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie.
  • Everyone of us is poor and powerless and yet we can overthrow an empire.
  • We’re all in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying.
  • Order your man to step aside or there will be violence.
  • I choose Violence.
  • I’ve never been much of a fighter, apologies for what you are about to see.

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