Ivan Putrov: ‘Men in Motion’

Ivan Putrov

3 thoughts on “Ivan Putrov: ‘Men in Motion’

  1. Stunning!
    I dated a dancer for about five minutes. Actually, he was an ice skater touring with Disney. Their grace is apparent but they also have incredible strength. Nothing can inspire you to move like someone who finds such joy in it.

    • Dear Lord! Sorry for delay, despite you’re having commented & replied to previous ones you ended up in the spam queue!!! All I hung out with growing up was ballet dancers & modern ones too. No one ever talks about their strength & athleticism, but watch the announcers for ice skating competition, when they do that for how long one song? yeah, I’m not a fan…LOL But the ice shows, etc… they know, that is closer, and Ciruque De Soleil!

      • No worries. I’ve not been very active on wp anyway. Probably why I ended up in your spam folder. 🙂

        I have a lot of respect for dancers. It’s hard, strenuous work.

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