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Dear WP:

Can you please eliminate this service? Yes, I realize the few likes that are received from there will suddenly disappear. This is a trade off I’m quite willing to endure.

For the views that are received, the slight interaction is not enough to justify it. They never seem to come to the site and spend time according to your ‘Site Stats.’ In fact, there is a great deal of falsehood embedded in these pronouncement.

Without a way to tell that the traffic came from there, and yes, don’t point me to what you consider alerting me (syndicated views, yeah I get it, but it still sucks)! That is a waste of your breath.

Instead make your “reader’ a better RSS feeder, that actually fosters community, visits, and consumption that is measurable/verifiable/worthwhile. Of course I’ll be most thankful when you do this.

While you are redesigning this experience, please feel free to consult me, I’ve at least 45 pages of notes about the bad user experience, the awful user-interaction design, and many other tertiary notes.

Thanks, DAKrólak

PS: To all those reading this from WordPress Reader you have my condolences. There is a noticeable gap between those views and others who find it either directly, organic search engine results, or through social shares. This isn’t to say you aren’t appreciated, you are, but the experience of trying to reciprocate that love shown gives me a headache, stomachache, and vertigo. They could also streamline and update the email system, which desperately needs it, and they could even or should partner with third parties. Feel free to leave any comments concerning your usage of WP Reader below, esp if you love and enjoy it! 


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    • The slowness, just like the revisions to the “improved editor” which I loathe and can’t use either b/c it leaves of basic tools. Reader does have some filters, but they all are the worst, and when you follow or use other RSS readers, they provide so much more, and are built better. They need to scrap it & install something wholly new. COMPLETE top to bottom, as they are trying to do with the editor. But if that is any indicator…no thanks.

      It will have 7 likes from Reader, and not a single view on the page, that is a fundamental flaw. FOUNDATIONAL flaw.

  1. But the Reader is quite useful for people like me who are quite new to blogging, and to the internet in general, so might not get views other ways or know how to go about it (P.S. I found you on the Reader!)

    • But the “views” don’t show up in your stats. That is my main grind about it. Thanks for finding me there, my work allows me to somewhat “game” that system…That even though you’ve viewed it there, it is like a walled-garden scenario, where people are using it inside of that & don’t really make the leap from the Reader to your site. So in that sense it is a problem. Great for photos, not so great for words or other things.

      Am only using READER today, actually (and they have improved it) but only slightly. This, post (a little secret) was written MONTHS ago, and only posted now b/c the same issue came up. Likes from Reader, but NO VIEWS on the actual post. That is a disconnect, while the social signaling of a like helps somewhat in the Search Rankings, it doesn’t actually help with views, and other signals Google will use.

      Having used WP for years now, I commend them, and am following the “improvements” they are trying to make, and are long overdue. Yet the new composer/editor is a complete mess, and not showing signs of improvement, many features used DAILY & for years are not present, not accounted for, and the whole thing from a UX/UI design perspective is off. Changes happening too slowly and not enough feedback.

      That said, they are (if you need to) very responsive to feedback/inquiries, and bugs in the code> but when you don’t have the time to report them, and so forth, then you end up just whinging about it as I have here.

      Thanks again for not only reading, but taking the time to comment. It is appreciated even amidst the frustration of a WP overhaul. Cheers!

      • Thanks, that really explains a lot. I’ve only started using wp last month and wondered how I’d managed to get more likes than views on some posts (I thought surely they must have viewed it to like it!) So obviously it must be the Reader ones that don’t show up.

      • Yes, and that is the problem in a nutshell. Great system, and I almost have to blush, writing about Reader has actually BROUGHT more views from it to my site than ever before. It should be the FIRST place people go, but by design it isn’t. Instead other social networks dominate. This is the ultimate problem, how can reader foster community & get more views? (ones they actually count 😦 )

      • Howdy,

        Views of your posts in the Reader should show up in stats as page views; look for “WordPress.com Reader” as the referrer. We don’t count your own views of your own posts though.

        We’re also counting a page view now if someone likes a post without opening up the full post view in the Reader. You shouldn’t see likes without page views any more. That changed about a month back, and it’s still rolling out to the native apps.

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