Put Some Respeck On That Cup!

A Girl Has No Name Barista Starbucks Arya

Artwork by JimBob

6 thoughts on “Put Some Respeck On That Cup!

    • was thinking actually she needs a badass ninja one…TBH, love Ennio, but it has to kinda go with her new found skills! She’s hardly gunslinging spaghetti western.

      She is the one with the list!

      • LOL, you’re right of course. But since Clint Eastwood was The Man With No Name, that’s the riff I wanted to go with. But, and I’ll repeat this, you are right. She needs a badass ninja one.

      • oh duh, god has it been that damn long since I’ve seen it? Probably…old brains forget much as they get crammed with all the new memetic stuff…*looks to see if it is online somewhere* LOL

      • (Although, to weaken my own case, Eastwood is called Blondie in the Good,Bad, & Ugly, so it’s not like he has no name in that. He’s nameless in the other Spaghetti Westerns though…)

      • Intentionally, and there is an Arya quality to that, but feels like kill bill leadup (not to read too much into that reference) as if her story does play a pivotal role…somewhere somehow. Would love her to sit on the Iron Throne but seems unlikely

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