Legendary Photo Shoot

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Iman. Naomi Campbell. Rihanna.

+Note: Now let me just say we don’t need to discuss Rihanna’s legendary status anymore. She holds her own here, clearly. That said, there is an awful lot of forehead going on in these shots. Not slandering, since I rock that abundant fo’head too! It is with honor & pride to see it. In the first shot here, Iman is stealing all the thunder being her truly legendary self, and the other two mannequins. Just as in the last shot Naomi & Iman both bring you “for the gods” & “10s 10s 10s” across the board, Rihanna is not quite that comfortable or epic. She isn’t out of place though either. In the close-up you see that they are all stunningly beautiful, and in full melinated magnificence, even if the hand posing by RiRi is a detractor. The other two are literally setting this whole thing up for the GAWDS! Trust & had Ri’s pose been more natural and less tertiary it would have been on my wall at this moment.

Still Rihanna doesn’t look out of place, just not as obviously comfortable in her beauty as the other two, and that isn’t bad. If she’d been more cocky it would seem less reverential which is how this shoot comes off. Personally, I’m comfortable saying this will be the moment that Rihanna deserves her fashion & beauty chops to be immortalized for the ages.