Not Your Mascot

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Produced By: EchoSlim

Directed By: Dr. Melissa Leal

Written By: EchoSlim, Dr. Melissa Leal, & Wakanyeja of Title VII

Tshirt worn by kids in #NotYourMascot video

Special appreciation and respect to those that have come before us and who have been fighting this fight for decades including the American Indian Movement and countless Elders, Educators, Parents, and Community Activists.

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Made possible by Elk Grove Unified School District and Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation with support from Program Educator Nelson Chaske, Rita Chaske, Learning Support Services Staff, Wilton Rancheria, EGUSD Title VII Parent Advisory Committee and families, and Sacramento Native American Health Center.

#ChangetheName, #ChangetheMascot, #NotYourMascots, #NoHonorinRacism, #EmpowerNativeVoices