Why Is This Still A Thing? #NotYourMascot

Not Your Mascot

It’s a headline that is leading into the hundreds of articles being written by journalists after rabidly contacting the advocates that they know within the mascot movement to get their response. Inadvertently, their use of the headline makes them just as complicit in the misrepresentation of our Native communities as the poll itself since many people do not read beyond the headline.

WaPo Native polling on Washington R*dskins Name

It is a headline that has those of us in and throughout Indian Country taking a deep breath. Once more we are forced to deal with the violent impact of polls that aim to undermine the voices and work of our native nations in order to justify the continued use of a racial slur and the misappropriation of our culture and imagery.

And yes, that is the point of these polls.

(please take the time to read ‘beyond the headline’ &  Johnnie Jae’s full article at the link below)

via Why Is This Still A Thing?: The Washington Post Releases New R*dskins Poll | Native News Online

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