Support: More Than A Word

We conceived of this project in 2013 and have been filming for over a year. This has included filming the 2014 rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the 2015 Chiefs rally.  Additionally, we have worked with a variety of other individuals to gain as many interviews as possible. Our documentary focuses on the controversial Washington team name: the R*dskins. To produce this documentary, we have established Black Tongue Dakota Films. The name is derived from the name of our father’s drum group and is a way for us to continue the tradition.

Over the last year, the issue surrounding the Washington team name has gained momentum and received coverage on a variety of news stations and has been a big issue in Indian Country. Despite the increased attention and awareness, we feel that there are still many people who do not fully understand the issue.This includes the idea that Native culture has remained static and failed to survive into the twenty-first century.

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