Images From the Stonewall Uprising’s Final Night

[2009] The Stonewall uprising that began 40 years ago this month in Greenwich Village has come to be seen as a defining event in the development of the gay rights movement, but little visual evidence has survived from the six nights of the disturbances, in which gay men fought back against a pattern of police harassment.

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A series of photographs that were taken by a New York Times photographer on the sixth and final night of the disturbances, but not published, has surfaced, offering what David Carter, who wrote a comprehensive history of the riots in 2004, says are the only known images from the uprising’s tumultuous finale.

via Images From the Stonewall Uprising’s Final Night | The New York Times

Stonewall Uprising Last Night photo by Larry Morris NYT

Larry Morris, a staff photographer for The Times, recorded the final night of the six-night Stonewall uprising in Greenwich Village, which history has judged to be a linchpin in the gay civil rights movement.

Cover Photo via: From the Archive: A Rare Glimpse of Stonewall (1969) | NYT