Uhura Barbie [50th Anniversary]

Nichelle Nichols Uhura Barbie 50th Anniversary

Calling all Star Trek fans! Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Star Trek pantheon of film and television and boldly go with the Uhura Star Trek doll—sure to be a fan favorite. Sculpted in the likeness of the original actor, Nichelle Nichols, the doll comes with “communicator” in one hand and includes a tricorder with shoulder strap. The Uhura doll also features an authentic replication of the classic costume and fully articulated body.

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Now I’ve seen everything…

I saw on Twitter today from user @BarbieCollector that there’s now Star Trek 50th anniversary editions of myself, Spock, and Kirk! I must say I really like the style. You can preorder one if you’d like from Target or other stores, and I’ll try to get my hands on a couple as well as giveaways.

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