Prince Tribute by VG Waymer

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Prince: A Tribute in Triptych

This triptych perfectly capture the sexy chameleon that was Prince Rogers Nelson. There was something always the same, a smoldering look that made you tingle, and yet the entire exterior seemed to change, the clothes always different, and each of them marked phases in his life and art.

There won’t be another one like him ever, not in this lifetime or many more to come. Just as there was never another Da Vinci.  Complete with all the unfinished projects! Yet these three “looks” are very distinct. Starting on the left with the legendary side-eye he was known for. The staring at you or through you in the center. Then the loving and longing glance on the right where he is almost saying goodbye. You have curly, kinky, and straight hair. Various facial hair strategies. No one, identical to the others, but gradients. Each a vague memory or distinct mood that could actually shift meaning over the years.

There was always, even from the very early days something other-worldly about Prince. A mutability, that very few artists have or can even muster.

Stark contrasts in this work, that are at once warm and cool, frosty purples offset by an umber-orange warmness, all highlighted by a cerulean blue to really bring this trio into a unique harmony. As highlighted above by the detail pictures, each part of the triptych perfectly captures a mood, and alone is a work of art. Combined they give the eye so many places that lure your gaze which aren’t even the main focal points really. Nuances and flourishes that do much more than set an ethereal mood, or serve as a backdrop. The glittering outline is probably my favorite, as the suggestion of the magical essence and quality of his musicianship.

That thin line of his own style, across a myriad of influences and through varying arrangements. Screened in amorphous shapes and dream-like clouds, evoking a sensual musk and unmistakable charisma. There is a geometry here as well, that having stared at it for hours seems serene and vibrant simultaneously. The sort found in an action movie where they slow it down so that you can capture the balletic grace of the subject as they tackle an impossible feat.

An inclusion of the Love Symbol really add just a touch more motion and a graphical, almost semiotic tinge. However, the fact that staring at it for great lengths Prince seems to both be staring directly at you, but at the moment you focus, it is as if he is looking just past you. There is a metaphor there for his untimely death, or his eclectic brand of fame, and his relationship to the world.

We felt, each of his fans, as if he was speaking to us, through us and his music, with tales of love or life, heartbreak or pain, and the vicissitudes of being utterly human. Never too lofty, often poetic, humble and even at times raunchy, while managing to be arranged like a classically historic piece. That something a scant few artists can do. Then to be so utterly aware of his beauty, as is clear, and to be as masterful at crafting that image to complement his musical offerings was another gift.

Clearly people and by his own admission considered him a perfectionist, but it seems to go so eloquently with the way he could seamlessly marry both the vision and sound to match his words. Love and loving, a constant theme throughout, and usually that is highlighted in its most sensual often erotic ways, but always coupled with a spiritual sense, a wholeness that love provides. Like all good trinities this piece manages to capture that.

As well the artist VG Waymer is going to, in a very Prince-like manner, donate a portion of the proceeds to musical education. So that not only will you get a magnificent work of art, which she worked very hard on for the past month, but also by supporting her, also support the principles of the artist it seeks to pay tribute to. This is a bonus or all fans of music everywhere.

Below is the final piece, and the various sites you can follow for more work like this. Do take time to tell me what you think in the comments, or where you would hang this when you buy it.

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vg waymer prince

The above print is available in two sizes 11×17 & 18×24

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