Updated Reading List: Orlando and Pulse

What It Costs to Be Gay in Public

This Is What It’s Like To Be Queer And Muslim In The Aftermath Of Orlando

Pulse wasn’t just an Orlando nightclub. It was a safe haven.

Gay American Imam Daayiee Abdullah ‘Heartbroken’ by Orlando Murders

In Honor of Our Dead: Queer, Trans, Muslim, Black — We Will Be Free

Only When I’m Dancing Can I Feel This Free

Why We Say Latinx: Trans & Gender Non-Conforming People Explain

In praise of Latin Night at the Queer Club

Wall-to-wall tragedy TV as press covers Orlando

Please Don’t Stop the Music

Gay Space Cannot Be Straight Women’s Safe Space Until It’s Safe For Those Who Are Gay

The Victims:

Shoulda Known Better (A Tribute To The Victims of the Orlando Shooting)

Lives Lost in Orlando

Will continue to update this space with articles with a multitude of voices, and also, since it feels like the situation requires it, a few that focus on the killer. As gruesome as that seems, there is a great deal of abelism, bi-erasure, as well as the garden variety Islamophobia running through the “coverage” and having read several pieces, there are competing narratives emerging, which creates a much more complex mosaic. Nuance and complexity are the first things to become cumbersom at times like these. We all want to just put the pain aside & move on with a quick retort that this was a “crazy-unhinged-person” and resume our lives.

When they tell you not to believe the stories that come out right after these incidents, because it is all later proved to be false, you can’t help but remember that a lie will make it half-way around the world, while the truth is lacing up its shoes. Today however it will make it around the globe a billion times before anyone stops to question its voracity. Then any chance at correcting it, end up like our current election cycle, where truth really doesn’t seem to matter in the least. It is what will grab the most eyeballs or clicks, and the rest be damned.


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