#TBT: The Warriors (1979)

The Warriors-Art of the Title Thumbnail comp

This is one of my favorite all time movies & the opening sequence is so amazing! Glad that Art of the Title finally did a piece on it, given that seeing this in the movie theater multiple times the summer it came out was a turning point in my life and probably a guiding force or seed planted as to why I would move all the way to NYC many years later. This movie holds such an inexplicable place in my heart there really are very few to compare it too. Of course today the graffiti and the style will not carry the same impact as it did in the years then. When New York was bankrupt, and the images that the world saw of it were desolate, and the “Bronx is Burning” and felt it was morally and spiritually corrupt. Panic in Needle Park, Ft Apache, Escape from New York, et al…a long line of dystopic, seemingly real fright at New York.

Despite it giving birth to hip-hop/rap, and so many other things we love today, it was both a movement and breeding ground for so much art that we deify now. Click the picture above to see the whole video, it is a loving tribute to the iconic movie’s titles.

The Warrior Art of the Title

Coney Island’s famed Wonder Wheel turns slowly in the darkness, a rotating neon beacon announcing to anyone arriving by subway that they’ve entered Warriors home turf. It’s still on — the big meet with Cyrus and the gangs of New York, that is. Can you dig it?

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