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10 Most Popular Posts This Past Month:

  1. Uhura Barbie: 50th Anniversary
  2. International Harambe Celebration
  3. Ode To Chicken
  4. Autistic Fan Writes Michael Phelps
  5. Tenessee Williams: World is Violent & Mecurial Place
  6. Dis Tew Much!  Harambe
  7. Jason Momoa: Aquaman
  8. GoT: Sigil & Logo Wallpapers
  9. GoT: Ned Patrick Harris
  10. Apollo 11 Flight Dynamics [Infographic]

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Autistic Fan’s Comment to Michael Phelps goes viral

“I know you may not care to read this but you are one of my biggest idols and I’ve been following you for a very long time, right now, I am currently going to college and hoping to become the first person in my whole family to get a degree. I am also a swim competitor just like you and I’m hoping to swim in the Olympics just like you someday.”

Austin Levingston in a Facebook comment for Michael Phelps.

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