Goodbye: Tekserve, New York’s ‘Original Apple Store’

Tekserve has been in New York City, on 23rd Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenue, for nearly thirty years. Today will be its last. This morning, Tekserve began a live auction selling off everything in its store, including the private collection of its co-founder, Dick Demenus.

This Mac was brought in by a customer after a fire. It sold Tuesday for $1,200.

via Take One Last Tour of Tekserve, New York’s ‘Original Apple Store’ | Gizmodo

+Note: For non-New Yorkers this will seem a very odd thing, but it is a concrete sign of the times. Tekserve like B&H was one of those places I was intimately aware of and had many dealings with. To my surprise, I’d have thought it had closed years ago, since Apple started opening stores of its own. Yet, in its heydey this was the original Genius Bar.  This was the place for geeks and freaks, and technophiles, and if you were in the film/tv/music industry then you’ll know it was also a destination.

To outsiders it will seem like a relic, and just another mom/pop type business that is closing due to the pressures or demands of the current age. Gone are these sort of stores which catered to, and built large followings, likely replaced with an artisanal cheese store, or some such. The stores being opened now are not likely to last 30 years in Manhattan, nor leave their imprint on the city as much.