How Can I Help You?

So if you’ve read this post, you’ll know that things have grown well past dire, and generally moved in the direction of a real-life horror flick. Yet don’t despair, I’m not. It is a darkly comic sort of horror. It won’t probably have a happy ending, but may just end like a cliffhanger. We’ll just have to see. [Updated list of posts related to this #NoFundMe subject]

TL;DR: Life’s a bitch. But guess what, so am I. You might have ‘marked me down’ as being done, or out for the count. Yet you’d make the mistake of all my haters, detractors, or the other ne’er do wish-you-wells, but guess what. Bitch I’m back!


It might be a swan song, and you can either stand on the sidelines and cheer (either for or against) but you’d be a fool to bet against me. Slaying dragons, dragging while slaying, and other such talents are precisely what I do best. But if you dare to get with the winning team h…

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How You Can Help | If you’d like to support:

  1. In immediate need of $500+, [See addendum & stretch goals here] this will provide immediate relief and reestablish a place, along with a sense of some peace. Ending some of the abuse currently suffering. Please click the Square image below for the best and most direct way to contribute. This doesn’t involve fees (or profit) for other entities and is the quickest most effective route.
    • Any monies will be considered to be for work previously done, or sponsorship of this blogspace;
    • Ideally you would hire me to write something for you, or apply it to some future work I can/will do for you;
    • Barring that, and you prefer to chalk it up to your being generous, expect to receive a work of art through the mail, or email, with the former being preferred over the latter.
  2. Refer a Personal Injury Lawyer that you have experience with, not some rando you saw on a billboard [NY Tri-State Area Only, but will take all refs seriously in the comment section that aren’t SPAM]
  3. Necessities for the coming calamitous times and challenges ahead: #NoFundMe DAKrolak WishList: [Several options here from the mundane/inexpensive to things needed for move+Storage+possibility of prolonged homelessness]
  4. Temporary Accommodations: again this is something you can contact me directly about. These would be as options that in the coming weeks or months and will be needed in the NYC area. After that, in other parts of the country. Prefer arrangements outside NYC to be of 2 week-month+ range. We are currently planning on being displaced as of December 1st, but based on several factors may be pushed as far out as the New Year.
  5.   VERY IMPORTANT: For those who like myself are in the midst of an ongoing struggle or crisis, your kind words and thoughts are actually some of the more rewarding, and valued above all the things above – which are temporary but very real remedies. Use the comments below, email, tweet, FB reply, whatever, each one will be seen, and replied to as access permits
  6. Interview Requests/Intros: Know anyone (in the NYC area preferably but worldwide via internet is fine) who is facing homelessness & poverty, that is specifically LGBTQ+, showing preference towards WoC, PoC, disabled, etc… that would participate in a brief, recorded, conversation (think Skype, email, chat) for this series that will be published and  will be unpaid due to the nature of the final product being used to generate donations to the cause. Any and all insights will be funneled into, resources shared with, as available the entry below
  7.  Charity Connections: Anyone with knowledge of or contacts working with LGBTQIA Seniors & Homeless in the NYC area please send that information along using my email if you have it or the Contact Page. 

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* You can use Square Cash to make a one-time payment via debit, or there is an option of using a credit card or monthly-recurring payment through PayPal (but their politics/associations are not aligned for me to actively seek that avenue, except as last resort). Also I’d like all payments made to be accompanied by a name & contact information where possible. I’m very old school about sending out responses. Obviously reaching me via direct / personal messages is best. If we aren’t acquainted, please leave a message in the comment section below for other means of communication.

If you’d like to be kept abreast via email please also comment below, if there is a enough interest in that avenue it can be utilized.

For the Skeptics: (I’m one after all)

Now if you are skeptical about funding this enterprise, which is completely understandable and even advisable, then please follow along as the next 30 days will focus on the real housing crisis, LGBQT homelessness & Seniors, what it is like to write in poverty, even a crash course in the finances of extreme poverty, analytics & critical theory around a host of issues that broadly paint a picture of life in America 2016, and as such they will be told in my inimitable style & authorial voice.

The end result will be a short book, with chapters outlined in the preface, and will be available for purchase/download, hopefully in time for the holiday giving season. There will be nothing like it on Amazon, or wherever you get your reading material, and it won’t even fit narrowly into the categories there. How do I know this? I’ve done the necessary work to scope out any possible conflict or competition. That is how.