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While You Slept: #NoDAPL

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Last Night while you watched TV, hugged your loved ones, tucked your kids in, the Water Protectors at Standing Rock were pelted with rubber bullets, had tear gas fired on them, and then in freezing temperatures had Water Cannons blasted on them. Continue reading

Dance Culture=Social Progress

David Mancuso: DJ and dance culture pioneer, dies aged 72

‘The core idea behind The Loft is social progress’ … David Mancuso. Photograph: Allan Tannenbaum/Getty Images

Unlike the commercial clubs that existed to make a profit, Mancuso and particularly his event Love Saves the Day, offered a space for its members, often an LGBTQ audience, to celebrate nightlife without police interference.

“For me, the core [idea behind The Loft] is social progress,” he said in 2013. “How much social progress can there be when you’re in a situation that is repressive? You won’t get much social progress in a nightclub.

via David Mancuso, DJ and dance culture pioneer, dies aged 72 | The Guardian