Good Morning! Motivational Message.


Good Morning! Let me tell you somethin’ right now, I’m all for Female Empowerment. Let’s uplift each other, let’s sit up under this olive tree, and extend branches.

Let’s Kumbaya, Come-to-Jesus.  Hallelujah!

Wee’ze together.

Okay, But I realize that you gon’ hafta sometimes encourage your motherfuckin’ self.

Okay, let me tell you about people. They all for you…  yes huny, do dat shit!, werk bitch, Schlayyyyy.

Until it looks like you half-way movin’ past them.  Then they sittin’ up;

Umm, Dis’Bitch.  That’s how people do you.

I’m here to tell you the truth. Okay?

So encourage your motherfuckin’ self.

Stop looking for outside influences, stop looking for…people to encourage you, inspire you, motivate you, do that shit yo’self!

When you look in the mirror? *pronounced clearing of throat*

Know that you you’re only motherfuckin’ backup. Pat your godamb self on the back. OKAY!

And know that you are smart, you are a survivor, you are real, you are strong, and you can do this!

You the fucking bomb! You Just Have To Know That You Are.

Tami Roman #BonnetChronicles

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