AHNONI: Marrow

AHNONI: Marrow [featuring Lorraine O’Grady]

In the countryside, under the streams
Suck the marrow out of her bones
Inject me with chemotherapies
Suck the money out of her face

We are all Americans now


Africa, Iceland, Europe and Brazil
China, Thailand, India and Great Britain
Australia, Borneo and Nigeria

We are all Americans now

Suck the oil out of her face
Burn her hair, boil her skin

We are all Americans now

“Capitalism cares only for wealth extraction, from the earth and from its people,” she wrote. “We are slaughtering the future. Only a wartime effort can save us now. Stand with the Water protectors in North Dakota. Which side you are on? History will remember all of our faces and exactly what each of us did or did not do. As a Native American elder fighting to stop the pipeline said yesterday, there is only one prayer left: save the earth.” – Ahnoni #NoDAPL