lgbtq africans in the diaspora

photography mikael owunna, 'sizwe: queer burundian (canada)'

Mikael Owunna’s ‘Limit(less) Africans’ is a stunning visual tapestry of queer Africans’ styles, expressions, and communities. 

( Click any picture below to see full-size or scroll through )

( Click any picture above to see full-size or scroll through )

Limit(less) Africans is an ongoing, multimedia photography series by Mikael Owunna documenting the fashion and experiences of first and second generation LGBTQ Africans in the diaspora. The trailblazing project began in November 2013 and debunks the myth that being LGBTQ is “un-African.” The project is personal for 26-year-old Owunna because as a queer Nigerian-Swedish American teen growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he didn’t see any media representations of LGBTQ Africans, he only knew one LGBTQ African, and was traumatized by his family’s attempts to reverse his sexual identity.

via an ambitious documentary photo project traces lgbtq africans in the diaspora | i-D


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    Queer Africans in the diaspora are often overlooked or deemed “Westernized” and “unAfrican” as if one identity negates the other. Proud and happy for these young folks to tell their stories.

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