+Commentary:  The masterpieces of painting from days gone by have become a part of the GIFolution! These classic paintings have been modernized with the slightest of motions. Watch the gorgeous 9 minute video below to see them expertly woven together in what feels like a master class in art history.(…continue)

via: Classic Paintings Reanimated In Amazing Ways | Earthly Mission

(…continued)  Many of these images are ones I know well from a lifetime of art history studies. Some were overlooked classics and others were rarities, but all of them seem to come alive with technology. The soundtrack is amazing, and carries the viewer through a range of emotions. There is the sensual beginning and the swell which gives way to all the darker and scarier human emotions. Each punctuated with these ravishingly beautiful images.

The locus and continuity are maintained using Renaissance, Neoclassical and Romantic era stalwarts by which you are able to stay almost transfixed in a mythological and at times biblical proportion of this truly gallant art. It took several viewings to pick up even on some of the more subtle and nuanced transitions. It is hypnotic and alarming at the same time.

Even in the lustiest or darkest moments, the scrim of art keeps it from feeling melancholy or perverse. The music further reminded me of a mix-tape from the archives (IN THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT: Pit & Pulpit ) which I now somehow want to make a video for using gifs. The task would probably take years of non-stop production. Yet seeing this reimagining it is the sort of images that filled my head while I listened to it.

Below you’ll find links to all the gifs in it, and a link to the website for the video which has won numerous awards.

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Paintings that appear in the above video:


(click the linked paintings to view the gif)



via: BEAUTY a short video by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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