ART we LIKE Yee I-Lann: Picturing Power #1

Yee-I Lann Picturing Power #1

PICTURING POWER #1: Wherein one surreptitiously performs reconnaissance to collect views and freeze points of view to be reflective of one’s own kind

Yee I-Lann, 2013 Giclée print on Hahemüle photo rag ultra smooth fine are, 310 GSM 100% cotton rag paper 25 X 71 INCHES (63 X 180 CM)

via Yee I-Lann | Tyler Rollins Fine Art


Vidal Sassoon: Secret Life as Anti-Fascist Streetfighter

Before becoming hairdresser to the stars, Vidal Sassoon had a hithero unknown life as a Jewish streetfighter.

“Their speeches and their literature depicted us, the Jews, as coarse, ugly caricatures with long beards and dirty fingernails, dressed in black gaberdine. And they hurled the same abuse that I remembered from the1930s. I was too young to do anything about it then but I had never forgotten the fear. When you’ve got a thousand throats all screaming ‘Yids, yids, we’ve got to get rid of the yids’, it’s pretty terrifying. They’d wear uniforms, insignia, the whole thing.

“I don’t remember when we decided to fight back but the pictures we were seeing from Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau gave the slogan ‘Never again!’ real meaning.”

via: Vidal Sassoon: Hairdresser’s Secret Life as Jewish Anti-Fascist Streetfighter


What a Finale, amirite?

While this season was both shortened and almost devoid of any real meme-heavy moments that have hallmarked previous seasons, and as such didn’t find me reveling in –or posting– them. A quick recap of the moments that thrilled me the most about this shortened season, and the finale in particular. While fan art is still generated rather regularly, it seems that it doesn’t have the same intensity that it once did.


Game of Thrones Finale
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