2017: Most Popular

20 Most Popular Posts this year:

  1. Game of Thrones [Index]

  2. Appolonia’s Letter to Prince

  3. INDIVISIBLE: Guide for Resisting Trump

  4. Apollo 11 Flight Dynamics [Infographic]

  5. Ode To Chicken

  6. TW: World is Violent & Mecurial Place

  7. Jason Momoa: Aquaman

  8. Claudette Colvin 3/26/1955


  10. How Hormone Levels Impact  [gif]

  11.  Jason Momoa: Appreciation Post

  12. Twenty-Seventeen

  13. Be A Poem

  14. Stop Bullying Poster Series

  15. Hang in there Buddy

  16. GoT: Famous Quote Posters

  17. Ieshia Evans

  18. Addams Family Reboot

  19. Schoolhouse Rock: Fireworks

  20. Grace Jones (Studio 54)

( Click any picture below to see full-size or scroll through )

( Click any picture above to see full-size or scroll through )

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Cover Art Image: 2018 (animated gif) by Marta Azaña

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