Maison ART/C: Beautiful Sadness

“Beautiful sadness” is the maison’s new collection lensed by Mous Lamrabat for Hub of Africa in Addis Ababa. I love the use of the portrait. It highlights Ifrach’s playful references to local dress and folklore in ways that reference colonial photography but this time representing empowered subjects.

via Afrosartorialism

The Marrakech-based designer, originally from Israel, has earned national acclaim for his label Art/C, which showcases his handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces made of vintage fabrics, family heirlooms and materials sourced from flea markets around the globe. For Ifrach, clothing is less about commercial opportunism and more about creating an outlet for memory and emotion. He’s drawn to timeless designs and fashion made with care and durability, as opposed to fast fashion – the modern-day practice of creating clothes quickly and cheaply, which has already proven to have dire effects on the environment. Ifrach and his label are entirely devoted to taking things slow, and it shows.

via Mr & Mrs Smith (click through for interview with the designer)


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