GoT: Redband Trailer Secrets & Clues

apologies for what you are about to see:
I’ve never been much of a fighter


Screenshots from the newly released Red Band Trailer for Game of Thrones Season 6

I choose Violence.


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A Love Letter to J.G. Ballard’s ‘High-Rise’

Ballard was an eager advocate of science fiction at the start of his career as an alternative to the conventions of the 19th century realist novel, which he saw as being ill-equipped to deal with an emerging post-war society in the West that was “ruled by fictions of every kind—mass merchandising, advertising, politics conducted as a branch of advertising, the instant translation of science and technology into popular imagery, the increasing blurring and intermingling of identities within the realm of consumer goods, the preempting of any free or original imaginative response to experience by the television screen.” Reality had become so hard to decipher in the external world, the inner world of the self so fragmented, that the author could no longer claim to faithfully reproduce it naturalistically on the page. Science fiction of a type that sought to explore inner, rather than outer space (“Earth is the only alien planet,”) was a form that had a better chance of getting at the truth of late-20th century existence. No journeys to distant galaxies, no time-travel. The type of SF stories he approved of were “extrapolations of the immediate present, nightmares at noon earned from the abrasive dust of the pavements we all walk.” He liked to think of himself as a kind of scientist and his stories as laboratories where he could test a hypothesis on his characters in extreme situations and see where it led.

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#TheDress by the numbers

So what did we learn from #TheDress?

  1. Innocuous things can lead to gigantic gains in Web traffic.
  2. Keeping an eye on conversations across the social Web and finding an inroad is now the dominant way to get your client’s content seen by broader audiences.
  3. Having an editorial assembly line capable of a quick turnaround is pivotal to that insertion of brand content.

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House of Cards

I’m just going to say it – because no one has. ‪#‎HouseOfCards‬ is not as good this season. This table lost two of its best legs and is quite lopsided. These “replacements” are both not getting the same storylines or best performances. I’m only half way through, but apparently they thought this was the Kevin Spacey/Robin Wright show & didn’t really need to flesh it out any further. That is a sad thing.

— DAKrólak

LXTV [Spotted: Great Design]


This video was removed from LXTV and I apologize it is only available on NBC’s site in low quality – as it is quite nice and why I wrote this entire piece

I’ll admit it, my guiltiest pleasure is watching the tawdry exploits of über-rich New York teens and their sordid lives unfold in a never-ending drama. It may seem shocking, but if you know me – I’d rather watch scripted dramas over the stomach churning exploits of “reality TV” — once you’ve worked in it, you find your tolerance for it can be alarmingly low.

One thing that keeps me coming back to the show are the amazing sets. Above is actual video of the behind the scenes with the set decorator of the Gossip Girl show, Christina Tonkin, who not only gives us an all access pass to the sets, but insights into how she creates these stylized atmospheres that are at once instantly accessible, but in many ways surreal. It is a dream come true for me to be able to take this guided tour, and see the thought and talent that goes into the process.

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Thoughts on Starting Downton

…thinks all the bally-hoo about Downton Abbey has led me to start from the beginning and making me cry in the first 45 minutes was good, and then when the gay scheming subterfuge is revealed and the only characters turn out to be a rather hackneyed version of a play on old stereotypes?!?!? Seriously, I’d be more forgiving if this was written years ago—but to be recently penned – seems an affront!

The sweetest gift… $$$$$


Can not rave enough about the delicious dinner I had last night…

But let me start with – my Primi Piatti which wasn’t on the menu for that night, but which I found on the attached menu and drove my decision to pick this restaurant for our quarterly birthday celebration. The chef was kind enough to prepare it for me and I’m eternally grateful.

I had Il Risotto with aged carnaroli risotto with burrata cheese, chives, domestic white sturgeon caviar. The flavors truly created an operatic symphony in my mouth from the first bite to the last. The only thing that was even worth mentioning slightly as not orgasmic was the aged carnaroli risotto – and it wasn’t unpleasant, but as a long time risotto maker, I’m partial to the non-aged varieties and their creamy texture. This had a firmer texture and while it didn’t quite crunch – it was unusual. I’m sure if I ate it more, I’d acquire a taste for it. It simply exploded with citrus flavor, that was neither sweet or bitter, but a harmonious trio of flavors that truly made my palette extremely happy.

The figs & prosciutto appetizer was another standout, and Jen had the hangar steak which sounds so mundane, but was so lovingly prepared and with parts that fell apart like brisket were probably the most savory and rich of the whole meal and I was a little jealous that I decided on the risotto in advance.

Truly a good time was had by all, and the company and off-color TMI conversations just enriched the whole thing. I highly recommend Felidia’s to impress your family, clients, or just to treat yourself to a delicious meal.

It should be noted that Becco the sister restaurant is affordable and equally as delicious and I’m grateful to Robyn for taking me there for my birthday and hence inspiring the choice of Felidia for y’day’s dinner. Becco is on Restaurant Row and is always packed and with good reason.

For the Bible Tells Me So, and I love Skrimp!

Appeared at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival

Bravely tackling one of the most politically and religiously divisive issues in contemporary America, documentary filmmaker Daniel Karslake presents a consideration of the intersection of scripture and homosexuality. Profiled are five devout families who each have dealt with the disclosure that a relative was gay or lesbian. Discussion is given to the importance of mutual understanding and unconditional parental love, while often-cited Biblical passages come in for scholarly interpretation and reconsideration. “Admirable and moving.” — Salon.


Family, love, equality.

A wonderfully introspective documentary of the highest caliber, that I wept several times throughout it, and was ultimately given tremendous hope that it may be able to transmit in a very thoughtful way a lasting message. It ends on a very positive note and is summarized so wonderfully by the Nobel prize winning Archbishop Desmond Tutu saying: “I can’t imagine a god that would punish me for being born black, and not being white. I can’t imagine a god who would punish you for being born a woman and not born a man. I can’t imagine a god who would punish you for being born homosexual, and not being heterosexual.*” As the film closes the amazing friend of the cause Cyndi Lauper sings an acapella version of her hit True Colors.

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…and I want it now. To paraphrase an MTV slogan of my lost generation. If you are not old enough to remember it, consider yourself carded and you are not old enough to read this.

Available from: Glitterhouse, iTunes, finetunes, musicload
This is a review of the recently self-titled release by Scott Matthew, available as the cruel fates would have it, in Europe alone. So after finagling, and what felt like smuggling an exotic animal through black market channels, I’ve had a taste. Perhaps a bit untypical of your ordinary reviewer I think that I’ve listened to the album for what is surely approaching a full twenty-four hours. In fact while I slumbered it played on an endless loop guiding me like Orpheus searching for Eurydice through the netherworlds. However, I don’t think my experience of the album is unique, and I’m quite sure when faced with it, people will put on their iPods and do the same (especially if some jerk just broke their hearts-especially the jerk who introduced you to his music!). I mean we can carry those things with us everywhere at all times; it is almost socially acceptable and expected that we should tune out, and drop in on our dear friend. Because that silly CD will never be played once, it is as obsolete as a cassette, but strangely no one has told the people who press them. Poor people without high speed internet need them. When I’m walking through New York City I see those tiny little bags that illicit substances come in, which I’m not very familiar with, but see them cast so carelessly onto the sidewalk where kids on their way to school can just spy their bright colors and wonder. Well maybe they don’t, but I do. I think of CD’s when I see them. Continue reading